The Everyday Cheese Board Recipe

Round black serving board with cheese and charcuterie

The Everyday Cheese Board recipe features cheese board and charcuterie staples, like prosciutto, dijon, and cornichons. It's elevated with the addition of beautiful fresh figs, candied pecans, and capicola roses. Your guests will leave feeling like they just dined at a French restaurant. Vive la France!

We styled The Everyday Cheese Board to have a rustic elegance that truly embodies the beauty of France.

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How to Make Cheese and Charcuterie Boards

The Everyday Board consists of ingredients readily available in our fridges and pantries and will be easy to source at any grocery or deli.

We like to follow this simple cheese and charcuterie board formula that’s easy to DIY.

Cheese: This recipe features brie, blue, and gruyere. Brie and Blue both originate from France, and although gruyere originates from Switzerland, the French are big lovers of this beautiful cheese (think french onion soup). The three kinds of cheese chosen for this recipe each bring something interesting to the board. Brie is a soft, creamy cheese with a nutty, bitter rind. Blue is more pungent yet salty, perfectly complimenting juicy ripe fruit. Lastly, gruyere is a hard cheese yet still maintains a creamy element.

Charcuterie: Prosciutto and soppressata—need we say more? The fattiness of the prosciutto balances nicely with the creaminess of the brie and gruyere. Wrap a piece of prosciutto around the gruyere and dip it in the mustard or jam, and bam! Instant flavor. The soppressata brings a spicy sweetness to the board.

Cracker: A sliced french baguette is an excellent canvas for the creamy cheeses on this board. The breadsticks diversify the texture by adding a crunchy element.

Savory: Cornichons and whole grain dijon embody French charcuterie accouterments. They were the obvious choice.

Sweet: Quince jam (sounds like kwins) brings this board together as it pairs well with sweet and savory profiles. Note: If you cannot source Quince jam, substitute it with marmalade or preserves. Juicy figs and pears are always a win-win in our book.

Crunchy: Candied nuts are the perfect addition for someone who loves to nibble.

Garnish: Add a pop of color and aroma by garnishing with thyme sprigs.

DIY Simple Cheese and Charcuterie Boards

This recipe requires some before assembly. Start with a whole wheel of brie and slice it into wedges. Cut the brie when it's cold so it retains its shape. Next, prep the gruyere. Slice the cheese into 2 1/2-inch matchsticks lengthwise. Once prepared, place the three kinds of cheese on the board. Crumble about ½ of the block of blue using the spade knife.

Black cheese board and marble cheese knife with meat and cheeses.

Next, fill three dipping bowls with quince jam, whole grain dijon, and cornichons—arrange them on the board.

Let’s add the charcuterie. Charcuterie has become a catch-all for various types of boards, but in fact, it refers explicitly to meat. The direct french translation means "products of a fancy pork butcher." This board doesn't fall short of fancy pork meats featuring prosciutto and soppressata. Wrap the prosciutto around the breadsticks. Leave the bottom ⅓ of the breadstick unwrapped, so it's easy to pick up. Fold a few other pieces of prosciutto and place them on the board. Create the soppressata roses, fan the remaining meat slices, and place them.

Black cheese board and marble cheese knife with fresh figs, meat, and cheeses.

Place the pear slices on the board. Then fill any remaining bare spots with halved figs, placing the beautiful pink fleshy sides up.

Scatter the candied pecans in the center of the board. Finish with thyme sprigs by placing them on opposite sides of the board. Position the sprigs to hang over the edge of the board. 

Take the guesswork out of entertaining with our 10 piece set, complete with everything you need to effortlessly craft the perfect cheese board, every time.

Cheese Board Recipe

Prep Time
Serving Size
30 minutes

Cheese Board Ingredients

  • Brie, whole wheel cut into wedges
  • Blue, wedge partially crumbled
  • Gruyère, wedge sliced into matchsticks
  • Prosciutto, folded
  • Soppressata, folded and roses
  • French Baguette, sliced
  • Breadsticks, wrapped with prosciutto
  • Figs, halved
  • Pear, sliced
  • Cornichons, in bowl
  • Whole Grain Dijon, in bowl
  • Quince Jam, in bowl
  • Candied Nuts, scattered throughout
  • Thyme Sprigs, for garnish

Cheese Board Assembly

  1. Set cheese out at room temperature one hour before serving.
  2. Start with the handle at the top. Position the cheese and the bowls on the board.
  3. Fold the prosciutto. Create a few soppressata roses. Fan the remaining slices.
  4. Wrap the breadsticks with prosciutto and place them on the board. Slice the baguette and place it.
  5. Arrange fanned pears in openings. Add the halved figs in bare spots.
  6. Fill any remaining space with the candied nuts.
  7. Garnish with fresh thyme sprigs.

Cheese Board Serving Tips

Soppressata Roses: Fold four slices of soppressata and lay them overlapping in a row. Roll tightly, and secure with a toothpick. Gently open the "petals" to look like a rose.

Breadsticks: Put additional breadsticks in a mason jar for guests that don't want theirs wrapped.

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